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Pilot Chemical

Pilot Chemical is a privately-owned global company that provides high-quality products and services to the oilfield, I&I, metalworking, lubricant, personal care and emulsion polymerization industries.

Pilot Chemical is headquartered in West Chester, Ohio, USA, and from there operates innovative developments for special chemical applications. Core technologies include alkylation, sulfonation, sulfation and special chemical processes, such as the production of biocidal quats and tertiary amine derivatives.

In addition to the production of organometallic fuel additives, Pilot Chemical is a leader in the production of quaternary ammonium compounds and the world’s largest manufacturer of disulfonates.

The product group of biocidal active ingredients fits perfectly with the existing product portfolio of ChemSynergy GmbH, which officially took over the entire European distribution business on 04.04.2022.

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