Our company as Focus Growth Champion: A success story


Top 4 in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry through sustainability & customer focus.

We are pleased to announce our award as Focus Growth Champion 2023. In this latest ranking of business success, we achieved an impressive 4th place in the “Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals” category and a respectable 68th place overall.

Our success is the result of hard work, the dedication of our team and the support of our valued customers and partners. Every employee and partner has contributed to our growth.

It is particularly gratifying to receive recognition for our strategy, which is based on innovation, environmental friendliness and sustainability. Our product range and services reflect our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, and our success shows that the world is moving in the right direction. In doing so, we remain competitive without compromising on quality. Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and we adapt quickly to changing market requirements by leveraging innovative IT technologies.

Our vision for the next five years remains as ambitious as the last. We aim to become one of the top 3 independent distributors in Europe in the oleochemicals sector. We will achieve this goal through strategic portfolio expansion and deeper market penetration. We remain flexible and adapt quickly to ever changing market requirements. Our vision also includes the continuous development of our offerings to provide our customers with innovative solutions in various industries.

Our Growth Champion award confirms our success and vision. We thank our employees, customers and partners for sharing this milestone with us. Together, we are shaping a promising future and actively contributing to the global sustainability agenda.

Watch here the complete interview between Dr. Frank Wieczorek, Managing Director of ChemSynergy GmbH and the Focus Business Team.

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